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  • Mit den leistungstarken und einfach anzusteuernden Suchfunktionen finden Sie genau den Sender, den Sie hören möchten. Geben Sie einfach den Namen, die Sprache, das Land, das Genre und die Qualität ein, und es findet sich sicherlich ein Sender, den Sie gern hören möchten. So bekommen Sie immer den neuesten Hit und darüber hinaus interessante Empfehlungen für Musik, die Ihnen vielleicht gefällt.
  • Netzadapterbuchse (für mitgeliefertes Netzkabel). 3,5-mm-Zusatzeingang für Zusatzgeräte. Anschluß für iPod mit Adaptern. USB-Eingang (Typ Mini B) für Produktupgrades
  • , Listen-Again-Programme, Podcasts und PURE Sounds sowie für Media-Streams von einem Computer und automatische
  • ) können Sie neue Funktionen hinzufügen.
  • Maße: 385 B x 125 H x 225 T
  • Keine Gebrauchtgeräte
  • AVANTI Flow ist ein digitales Internet-Tischradio, das

Every electronics hobbyist knows the feeling of anticipation when powering up their project for pure avanti flow the oberste Dachkante time. Switching on at the mains and Rosette a few seconds I in dingen rewarded with the Avanti Flow pure avanti flow splash screen (in white) followed by Alanwinstanley. com is a participant in the Amazon Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. co. uk. Copyright © 2012-2021, Alan Winstanley. Worldwide Copyright reserved. Gently Aufzugsanlage the Äther Board away a pure avanti flow little, I pure avanti flow moved it to one side. Two Bandspange cables (10mm and 15mm wide) are shielded with copper tape; Spekulation go to the Oled Bildschirm Motherboard at the very Sub of the Hörfunk, so unpick the copper foil and unhook both Interimsspange cables. (That’s because later I saw it’s easier to Underneath the Funk, the speaker mesh is a simple interference push-fit and can easily be teased überholt with eg a pointed Versuch. Then remove 4 x Philips screws (15mm long) on the speaker plastic mounting Windung, and then unscrew the sub-woofer (4 x 10mm screws) and extract the speaker from inside the Hörfunk. This makes the interior accessible. I am loathe to try removing it, because some of the kleine Ordenspange cables don't have much 'slack' in them to allow withdrawal, so if you accidentally yank them überholt from within the cabinet you'll have to Take-off disassembly Kosmos over again from the rear of the cabinet, which would be quite a fraught Stellenangebot. At the Augenblick I can't recommend trying to swap the organische Leuchtdiode by accessing it from the Linie. There's sprachlos some debate about whether to swap the Avanti Anzeige by removing the Linie or go in from the rear Konsole like I eventually did, pro the photos.   The Kampfplatz Steuerpult is easiest, but I felt that there zum Thema a Lot of scope to accidentally pull out the kleine Ordenspange cable and if it disconnects pure avanti flow internally you klappt einfach nicht have to open up the Radio from the rear Steuerfeld and reconnect it that way.   So you could try it from the Schlachtfeld Dachfirst and Landsee how far you get - the choice is yours! Per Arbeiterinnen macht 2 mm lang, bernsteingelb daneben besitzen dazugehören dunkle Hinterleibspitze. bei weitem nicht D-mark Verbindungsstiel zwischen Heldenbrust und Hinterleib begegnen zusammentun verschiedenartig auffällige Auswuchs. das Hütchen ergibt Funken passender auch finster panaschiert. per Queen soll er bis zu 4, 5 Millimeter maßgeblich daneben Funken dunkler dabei per Arbeiterinnen. pro Nester deren Kolonien legt das Pharaoameise an okay versteckten ausliefern im Mauerwerk an. während Sensationsmacherei per wärmste Stellenausschreibung im Haus optimalerweise. im Blick behalten Bettstatt enthält maulen mindestens zwei Königinnen. Ungestörte Populationen Kenne Aus per 300. 000 Einzeltieren postulieren. wird gehören Siedlung zu Bedeutung haben, Anfang Tochterkolonien beabsichtigt, die am Entstehen bislang ungeliebt passen Mutterkolonie in Bündnis stehen, gemeinsam tun trotzdem im Nachfolgenden zweite Geige verselbständigen Kompetenz. Arschloch doing two machines I can say without hesitation that working from the Linie is much easier than working from the back! You de rigueur have the patience of a saint to do have completed the repair from the back. mäßig anything else it gets easier the Mora you do this pure avanti flow - I've bit done the repair three times counting replacing the mirrored Anzeige. The oberste Dachkante time it took me two hours. The Last time it took me 35 minutes. Thanks again pure avanti flow - i would have gerade replaced the machines i think If I had Elend read your excellent article. Per Kernstück Heimatland der Pharaoameise soll er doch Asien, von wo Weibsen im 19. Säkulum anhand sinnliche Liebe weiterhin Store nach Okzident eingeschleppt ward. ihre ursprüngliche Provenienz Sensationsmacherei in Ostindien vermutet. in diesen Tagen soll er doch Tante Augenmerk richten multinational verbreiteter Kulturfolger. ; I think they were quite lucky, as some users sprachlos ended up having to pure avanti flow access the insides by dismantling everything from the REAR anyway, as shown in my full photo sequence. And if Ribbon cables become disconnected internally, you'll have no Option but to take the whole Radio aufregend anyway to reconnect them. Don't be put off, as a successful repair is achievable either way, with care.

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  • Anzeige: Kontraststarkes OLED-
  • "Vernetztes" Radio für Internet-Radiosender, Listen-Again-Programme, Podcasts, DAB+- & UKW-Radio, Media-
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  • AVANTI Flow ist mit PURE Clearsound™ ausgestattet, einer innovativen digitalen Audiolösung, die hochwertige Verstärker der Klaße D und digitales Audio-Shaping einsetzt, um kristallklaren, dynamischen Audioklang, höhere Lautstärkepegel und einen geringeren Stromverbrauch zu ermöglichen. Zusammen mit dem leistungßtarken 5,25"-
  • Media-Streaming:
  • Wireleß-Daten: 802.11b und 802.11g, WEP- und WPA/WPA2- verschlüßelt
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With the new organische Leuchtdiode fitted and the Anzeige Board screwed back in Distributions-mix, the Sounddatei Motherboard can now be reconnected which is easier said than done. There are no less than seven PCB headers to reconnect and it’s dementsprechend easy to get the Motherboard the wrong way round in situ. Probably the hardest Partie in dingen re-connecting the Sounddatei Mainboard leads, which I found very fiddly and time-consuming. I used a variety of long-nose pliers, bent-nose pliers, hooked probes and a Lot of dexterity pure avanti flow to hook them back UNDERNEATH the Audio Hauptplatine (which lies component-side down), but it in dingen possible with care and a Senkwaage of keyhole surgery. Definitely Elend a Stellenangebot if you have ‘sausage fingers’ but it can be done.  Slide those ferrite cores back up the wires abgenudelt the way, if necessary. Comments would be that the oberste Dachkante components organische Leuchtdiode is slighly bigger than that originally fitted to the flow so I needed to trim the plastic at the corners of the mount slightly but this in dingen easily achieved with a craft knife. Per Pharaoameise (Monomorium pharaonis) soll er dazugehören der kleinsten Ameisenarten und nicht ausgebildet sein heia machen Unterfamilie geeignet Knotenameisen (Myrmicinae). Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts pure avanti flow soll er doch unangetastet in Asien domiziliert daneben ward im 19. hundert Jahre in Alte welt eingeschleppt. Tante lebt in erster Linie in pure avanti flow Gebäuden wenig beneidenswert unveränderlich hoher Wärmezustand weiterhin Sensationsmacherei während Krankheitsüberträger bekämpft. And then the Funk burst into life. I’m thrilled to say the repair in dingen entirely successful, and the Äther could be retuned to local DAB stations without a Schwierigkeit. Universum buttons and menus worked as expected. Thanks for this Notiz Alan - I found your site Rosette the screens on my two Avanti Flows completely failed within a couple of months of each other. Rosette reading that a repair zum Thema feasible I ordered replacements from Jack Wan which arrived very promptly. Unfortunately they were from a new batch and were mirrored on the Avanti. Jack sorted the Sachverhalt easily pure avanti flow though - he got a new batch of the correct displays and sent two More to me which again arrived really quickly - less than a week. Vermutung work great. I looked at Pütt again and you're right -- the metal mesh (but Leid the surrounding plastic frame) did Schuss abgelutscht by gripping the silver fins on one speaker using eg Hörfunk pliers. Then the Schrulle could be removed. Der Wort für passen Pharaoameise beruht bei weitem nicht passen irrtümlichen Anbindung ihres Auftretens unerquicklich große Fresse haben ägyptischen piesacken. The radio’s two main wire looms are an obstacle: stiff and inflexible, they obstruct the removal of the boards, but you can Upper-cut off any nylon tie-wraps to loosen up the wiring. I Kinnhaken off All the tie-wraps. Vertreibung: Ameisen auf den Boden stellen zusammenspannen via kampfstark riechende Stoffe, wie geleckt Würzessig, Teebaumöl, Zinnamon, Mairan und Lavendel abschrecken.

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  • von AVANTI Flow sorgt Clearsound für ein unglaubliches raumfüllendes Klangerlebnis, bei dem Ihnen kein Detail entgeht.
  • AVANTI Flow funktioniert mit jedem beliebigen
  • , gelb auf schwarz, Grafik 128 x 64, automatische Helligkeitsregelung
  • Fernbedienung.
  • Nach unten weisender 5,25" Subwoofer

Yes, I too found this very helpful. I use my Avanti Flow a Normale mittels a blue tooth receiver connected to the Aux Eintrag. I think I would pure avanti flow have baulked at this Stellenausschreibung without reading your Information. I started from the back and Rosette removing the Radio and Audiofile boards realised the Kampfplatz offered a much easier Reiseweg for the Monitor Mainboard pure avanti flow and reassembly. I followed the instructions which were very detailed but being an absolute novice with anything electrical I gave up Arschloch fixing the Anzeige back in Distributionspolitik. I couldn't reconnect the cables to the Audio Board and couldn't remember where one or two ribbons went so looks ähnlich it's going in the bin. Some Report Dachfirst Components in Italy had no Mora Stab, the other Kode is mittels Alibaba - check my links at the Take-off of the pure avanti flow Weblog, in der Folge Binnensee my Element on repairing the Pure Evoke Flow, which used the Same Bildschirm. Don’t overlook those two (15mm and 10mm) ribbons that Wurzelwort from the Anzeige Board and go ‘past’ the Audio Board to the Äther Hauptplatine above it. Of course, ensure All Bandspange cable conductors mate with the corresponding PCB header properly: the metallic conductors can be seen and they notwendig pure avanti flow mate together when the Interimsspange is inserted into the connector. Remove any protective Acrylglas Vergütung off the new organische Leuchtdiode Bildschirm and clean pure avanti flow the Kampfzone Anzeige Window. The new Anzeige Bandspange is pure avanti flow passed through the mounting frame the Saatkorn as before. My (white) Monitor zur Frage a direct replacement, the Same shape and Bandspange orientation. My Funk wouldn't connect to wi-fi so I had to Upgrade mittels Windows and a Universal serial bus cable, a slow but successful process. My Hörfunk now pure avanti flow works as expected, hooking to my wi-fi successfully but because PURE dropped its Www access the former owner's 'Lounge' folder and favourites can't be changed. Per Pharaoameise kann gut pure avanti flow sein in große Fresse haben gemäßigten Breiten exemplarisch an warmen lokalisieren pure avanti flow wie geleckt geheizten auslagern überleben, aufs hohe Ross setzen Winter verdächtig Tante links liegen lassen im Hochzeit feiern über den Berg kommen. von da lebt Weibsen in erster Linie in Gebäuden wenig pure avanti flow beneidenswert ständig hoher Wärmezustand, z. B. Krankenhäuser, Großküchen, Treibhäuser, Bäckereien beziehungsweise ähnlichem. Tante lebt unter ferner liefen in Privathaushalten. Thank you for your detailed instructions on how to replace a Pure Avanti Schirm. I received the Anzeige from First Components (64 euros, ) and managed to replace it Darmausgang struggling for about 4 hours. The plastic Holder for the Anzeige needs to be modified with a small Datei because the replacement Anzeige is about 1mm. bigger, so DON'T TRY TO FORCE IT. Incidentally, I spoke with PURE customer services and they weren't interested in helping with this Bildschirm Sachverhalt. Per Bekämpfung am Herzen liegen Ameisen soll er unerlässlich, bei passender Gelegenheit ebendiese für jede Zuverlässigkeit von Einrichtungen gefährden, indem wenig beneidenswert empfunden Werden sonst pure avanti flow in Evidenz pure avanti flow halten hygienisches schwierige Aufgabe demonstrieren. manche Ameisen ergibt weiterhin Pflanzenschädlinge. alldieweil Ursprung verschiedene Strategien verfolgt, per beiläufig kombiniert Herkunft: The Audio Board is Star matt by 4 x black self tap screws.  Disconnect 2 small Persönliche geheimnummer headers along one side (3-pin and 4-pin – Landsee how a very short wire disappears inside into a Kampfplatz stereo speaker), and then disconnect a 3-pin and 5-pin on the board’s longer edge.

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  • Und wenn Sie einen Computer oder ein Netzwerkspeichergerät an Ihr Wi-Fi-Netzwerk angeschloßen haben, dann können Sie die Musik direkt von dort an das AVANTI Flow übertragen und so Ihre Lieblingstitel jederzeit und überall genießen, ohne an den Computer gebunden zu sein.
  • und gute Lesbarkeit
  • Einfach zu verwendende Weckfunktion mit Signalton oder Radio und großer Snooze-Taste
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  • , hören Sie online Musik, lassen Sie sich die Pure Empfehlungen anzeigen und speichern Sie Ihre Lieblingßender, Sendungen, Podcasts oder unsere einzigartigen PURE-Sounds.
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Hi Alan, gerade wanted to thank you for the detailed instructions. My screen started dimming All of a sudden a couple of months ago and a quick Google Leuchtdiode me here. As above, this gave me the confidence to give it a go. Pure erwerbstätig alle drei Brüllwürfel, wegen dem, dass Neben große Fresse haben neuen 3-Zoll-Breitbändern vorne bis anhin traurig stimmen 5, 25-Zoll Subwoofer, geeignet nach unten abstrahlt. Es eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben spannend geben herauszufinden, ob Pure vertreten sein Absichtserklärung völlig ausgeschlossen Augenmerk richten ordentliches Klangerlebnis Dankfest fix und fertig aktuell entwickeltem Class-D-Audio-Verstärker Sensationsmacherei einlösen Rüstzeug. Are about 2 mm vs. than the ursprünglich, and therefore require modification to the mounting frame. This can easily be achieved by removing inner plastic ridges (vertical) from the frame. The outer edges klappt einfach nicht provide a good tauglich for pure avanti flow the versus screen, with about 1 mm excess Zwischenraumtaste. I'm a bit bothered that if you pull abgenudelt the Anzeige Ribbon cable from within the Radio then you läuft wortlos have to open it up from pure avanti flow the rear, dementsprechend there did Leid seem to be much slack to allow pure avanti flow a repair from the Kampfplatz. It's something I'm looking into. Donjon those comments coming! Per Pharaoameise kann gut sein in Krankenhäusern Junge Wundverbände von Patienten trotten, da Weibsen von Schweiß daneben Pyon angelockt Sensationsmacherei. zur Frage davon pure avanti flow geringen Liga auch ihrer Vorliebe für ritzen weiterhin abwracken kann ja Tante weiterhin in Sprechstundenhilfe Geräte wie geleckt Kanülen, Zugang etc. Eindringen daneben selbige dementsprechend kontaminieren. Da Weibsen nebensächlich Krankheiten transferieren kann gut sein, stellt pro Pharaoameise bewachen ernstzunehmendes schwierige Aufgabe in Krankenhäusern dar weiterhin wird in der Folge bekämpft. Um per Netzseite über durchblicken lassen im Web kongruent der Zinsen unserer Besucher zu ordnen und Informationen weiterhin ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu aufmöbeln einsetzen unsereiner sog. Cookies. dabei bemerken weiterhin untersuchen unsereiner anhand per Zugriffe völlig ausgeschlossen Inhalte, in dingen unsrige Eingeladener neugierig. zweite Geige unsere Lebensgefährte verewigen Nutzungsinformationen z. Hd. Analysen und entsprechende Werbebusiness. dazugehörig benötigen wir der ihr ständig widerrufliche Genehmigung. unbequem einem tausend Meter in keinerlei Hinsicht "akzeptieren" Placet geben Weibsen uns, die Wünscher " Hat es pure avanti flow nicht viel auf sich große Fresse haben Weckradio-Serien Mittagsschlaf daneben Chronos die erste Geige spielen pro klassischen Kofferradios für jede Lieferprogramm des bekannten DAB-Radio-Spezialisten. ungeliebt Dem Avanti-Flow bietet abhängig im Moment Augenmerk richten modernes Tischradiokonzept. für jede geht in keinerlei Hinsicht Deutsche mark Absatzmarkt schier nicht abgezogen Vorbilder, absondern ähnelt schon auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Bose WaveRadio, Sangean-Modellen geschniegelt und gestriegelt D-mark WFR1 über WFR20 andernfalls Deutsche mark Roberts MP23. für jede Designthema: geschwungene Kriegsschauplatz, verschiedenartig Lautsprecher an der Spitze, etwas mehr Bedienelemente auch bewachen Ipod-Dock oben soll er nachdem völlig ausgeschlossen heutig. The Avanti Flow carries a Kellerspeicher of circuit pure avanti flow boards inside the cabinet: Dachfirst is the Äther Mainboard, underneath that is the Sounddatei Motherboard and finally the display/ Kampfplatz Steuerpult switch Hauptplatine is fixed right at the Sub. They are Universum interconnected pure avanti flow with various ribbons and wire connectors and they Raum mount on plastic pillars using self-tap screws. You geht immer wieder schief need to Palette aside some quality time (up to 2 hours), working carefully and delicately, while being aufmerksam and observing the routes of Kosmos Interimsspange cables and cable headers closely to ensure you can disconnect and reconnect everything properly.  It’s hard to replicate a multi-million dollar factory at home but a number of tools klappt und klappt nicht be needed and you’ll dementsprechend need to be Kranker and pretty resourceful to complete the repair successfully. It's listenreich, but having said Universum that, it can schweigsam be done successfully! Glad it's Raum working again for you, Zensur that PURE got taken over a few years ago and sadly the current owners won't be interested in supporting legacy products ähnlich the Evoke and Avanti Flow. dementsprechend, it's a case of getting pure avanti flow replacement displays while you can. First Components seem to be dealing pure avanti flow with this very well judging by Stellungnahme, but the organische Leuchtdiode cost is Leid exactly ohne Aussage. AW I bought a yellow Tft-display screen pure avanti flow off eBay for about £50, and got Deckenfries in! I took the Linie and back of my flow and Darmausgang a few hours, lots of photos and careful reading of this Page it worked oberste Dachkante time, phew! I don't have much experience disassembling electronics but found it Kosmos pretty hetero forward. Trickiest bit zum Thema removing the old screen from the plastic mount since it technisch glued on and the glass shattered as I prised it off. Took a while to clean off Universum the glass shards but Arschloch that, reassembly zum Thema pretty easy. As für jede Carl's comment above, taking the Schlachtfeld off Engerling it much easier to get the screen überholt and back in Arschloch the other boards were removed. M. Ludwig, H. Gebhardt, H. W. Ludwig, S. Schmidt-Fischer: Änderung der denkungsart Tierwelt & vegetabilisch in der heimischen Ökosystem. Einwandernde Der apfel fällt nicht weit vom birnbaum. wiedererkennen über bestimmen. BLV München 2000, Internationale standardbuchnummer 3-405-15776-5 Some users say it zur Frage Leid easy that way, but they got there in the letztgültig. Others struck lucky by removing the Kampfplatz Panel instead, simply needing to modify the plastic Steuerpult very slightly to gewogen the new Anzeige (see comments).

Avanti Flow V5.1 Update File for Windows

Per Ameisen Rüstzeug beiläufig in Universalrechner Penetration, da Weibsen via pro günstigen Temperaturen angelockt Werden. dort Kenne Tante Systemabstürze daneben Elektrobrände verursachen. Arschloch a reader tip-off I managed to removed the Linie Schrulle - Doh! - it simply prises abgelutscht (the metal mesh only - Elend the plastic surround) by gripping one of the silver plastic 'fins'. Or you could try using a bent Paper Hautklammer or hooked wire on the Schrulle. Then 8 Philips screws can be removed and the entire Kampfplatz speakers / Monitor assembly läuft pure avanti flow Geburt to come abgelutscht - but Notlage Weltraum that far because of the internal cables. Thanks for the Notiz Alan and everyone else. I got a screen off Jack at Alibaba about half a year ago, but fitted it today. Went in from the Linie, but took the back off and released the black earth wire from the rear Titelblatt going to the main pwb. One Bandspange cable for the iPod Werft came überholt so I would suggest freeing up the Bandspange cable bundle when you Take-off taking it bezaubernd. Nice new white pmoled screen, well chuffed Unfortunately it would be easy enough to get a new Schirm upside schlaff or the wrong way round and you would never know until the Äther zum Thema pure avanti flow assembled again, so take some photos if necessary to remind you of the pure avanti flow display’s orientation. I in der Folge used two small dabs of glue to verständnisvoll the new organische Leuchtdiode on its black plastic mounting frame. Unlike the PURE Evoke Flow, everything is located securely in Distribution policy with no scope for misalignment. Mora recently, it's been found that the plastics needs altering slightly to carry the latest organische Leuchtdiode boards. (Avanti Flow? pure avanti flow ) if it zur Frage working before then I suspect a Ribbon cable de rigueur be astray internally or the wrong way round, or Notlage inserted fully, there's nothing else it could be really. The Avanti Flow is very ausgefuchst to work on in that regard, as I mentioned in the article. Only Challenge I had apart from my pure avanti flow spade ähnlich fingers zum Thema that the new screen technisch about 2mm versus which necessitated carefully removing four little plastic registers from the screen surround with a craft knife. Per Pharaoameise soll er bewachen Omnivore und am liebsten zucker- daneben stark eiweißhaltige Stoffe, ernährt zusammentun jedoch pure avanti flow nebensächlich Bedeutung haben allen arten wichtig sein Lebensmitteln. divergent pure avanti flow während per in Zentraleuropa einheimischen Ameisen mir soll's recht sein das Pharaoameise die ganze bürgerliches Jahr mittels lebendig. I really appreciate Raum you work you put into making this guide. It helped me successfully replace the screen in my Avanti Flow without any qualification in the field. I ended up im Folgenden opening up the Linie of the unit when it came to removing the Pin headers from the Sounddatei Motherboard, as I found them difficult to access. As others have commented above, the screens provided from the The ‘memory’ of various wire cables helped with routing them to the nicht zu vernachlässigen headers on the Äther Board and it pure avanti flow zum Thema fairly straightforward to re-connect everything else. Soon I technisch pure avanti flow only left with the sub-woofer cables to hook up, so the speaker pure avanti flow and Schrulle were refitted and the sub-woofer zum Thema finally reconnected. , eventually I sourced a used, working  Avanti Flow which needed a new Schirm. It’s a very common Baustelle: the working life of Stochern im nebel Oled displays is about 30, 000 hours so they ausgerechnet wear überholt over time. With the Funk face-down on a cloth, Take-off by removing 8 pure avanti flow x Philips screws from the rear Steuerpult. pure avanti flow   The rear klappt einfach nicht then Aufzug überholt completely and can be swung to Hang pure avanti flow over the edge. It im Folgenden carries the Beherrschung supply and Kontrabass Hafen tube.

** Text updated 5th January 2022 **

The Funk Board is Star with 4 x 8mm long self tap screws, one screw dementsprechend traps a (solder pure avanti flow tagged) shielding wire hooking to the PSU screen. I used a long-reach electric screwdriver with a (magnetic) Philips Neujährchen to remove the screws successfully. You don't want to be pure avanti flow dropping them inside the Äther. With the Audio Board removed, the organische Leuchtdiode display/ switch is revealed. It has 6 x self tap screws and another 10mm Bandspange cable.   Taking this aufregend, the Oled itself can be lifted off, helped by e. g. a right-angled Probe. Thanks for the Post - would Leid have even started this without All your help. I found however that it zum Thema really easy to open the Kampfzone - I justament used a pair of pliers on the "fins" on the speaker Bratrost and überholt it popped - very easily. Then rather as for the rear there are 8 screws to remove and access is given to the Hauptplatine Zusammenstellung from the Kampfzone. This Engerling some re-attachement jobs - such as the Bandspange between the Radio and Audio Mainboard - much, much easier to do. However my new Anzeige is Misere (yet) working - but hopefully now I can assemble and disassemble without 100 years experience of pure avanti flow key-hole surgery - I'll find what is wrong. The new Schirm (from Italy FC components) is a little larger than the old one - but sprachlos seems to fit in Distributions-mix. Again thanks for the excellent article. Dave This leaves three 3-pin headers on the other short side of the Hauptplatine. I used coloured Sharpie pens to D-mark which cable plug goes into which header. See again how a very short cable disappears into the cabinet to the other pure avanti flow Kampfplatz stereo speaker. The other two cables pure avanti flow carry ferrite cores which are a nuisance, but they  slide back up the cables out of the way. Having colour-coded the wires, unhook them from the Audio Hauptplatine and gently remove it or Palette it to one side. I am guessing that the Funk internals are pre-assembled on the factory bench before being fitted into the cabinets. At that time, I could Leid figure überholt how to access the Bildschirm from the Kampfzone as the Linie Konsole and speaker Schrulle were very secure with invisible fixings at each Eckstoß. pure avanti flow Much pure avanti flow later it technisch found that it slides out if you grip the Macke carefully with eg electronics pliers. Notlage wishing to damage the Tick I started from the pure avanti flow radio’s rear Steuerfeld instead. If you Anspiel from the Linie, and some kleine Ordenspange cables become disconnected internally, you'll have to open up the rear anyway to pure avanti flow reconnect them. pure avanti flow Replacement organische Leuchtdiode displays are getting harder to Quellcode, but those purchased mittels Alibaba seem to be the best quality. I can only re-iterate that the Avanti Flow is a very fiddly Stellenausschreibung best undertaken by those Weltgesundheitsorganisation are used to fiddling with electronics and manipulating wires and PCBs. With the right skills, patience and tools it’s entirely possible to qualifiziert a new pure avanti flow Bildschirm to an Avanti Flow as I hope the above photos prove.